Advantage Lending Center

Cash Advances

We have two programs to help businesses with cash flow the traditional advance based off of your credit card reciepts, and an advance program that is based off of your bank deposits.

Traditional Credit Card Advance

-Accepts credit cards as a mode of payment

-Processes a minimum of $2,000.00 in credit card sales per month

-Has been in business for at least 3 months

-Seasonal businesses must provide 12 months of sales records; 3 months for non-seasonal  businesses

Bank ACH Advance *No Credit Card Processing necessary*

- Bank Deposits Minimum $10k Month

- Ending Balance Minimum $500 Month

- Funding Amounts $2k- $500k

- Advance Rate 15-50% Last Month Gross Deposits

- Any Credit Profile

- Any Industry

- No Open Business BK

* Have been in business for at least 3 months*

Underwritten in 24 hours
Funding in a few as 5 days
90% more approvals over traditional bank programs
$20,000 in average approvals
Advances up to $500k
Startups in business 1-3 months can be approved
Profitability not examined
Business credit not examined
500 personal credit is OK
No interest or late fees
Repayment automatically from the bank account
No application fee

Call 720-320-2023 to get your application started.
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