Advantage Lending Center

Real Estate Loans

Conventional Loans

Through our bank partners we can offer loans on almost any type of commercial property in any state. 

With a 675 Fico and fully documented income you can get up to 90% Loan-to-value on Offices - Condo/Medical/Building, Light Industrial or Warehouse, Retail centers.

*85% Loan to Value on Heavy Industrial, Schools/Day Cares, Vehicle Dealers, Car/Truck/Vehicle Service Shop, Funeral Homes, Salons/Spas/Barber Shops, Dry Cleaner/Laundromat/Conv Store, Restaurant.

*80% Loan to Value on Assisted Living, Self Storage, Metal buildings, and Mixed Use (45% Comm + Apts)

$50,000 Minimum Loan Amount
$50MM Max Loan Amount

Hard Money/Bridge  Loans

Up to 65% LTV

No Minimum Fico Scores

LOIs within 48 hours, quick funding available

Due to the complexity of commerical real estate loans it is best to email your scenario to me for rates and viability.

Please send me the following information: Property Type, Owner Occupied or Non Owner, Cap Rate, location, Full doc or Stated?
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